Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout, Oviedo, FL 2014


Here is an article I wrote a while back for the National BBQ News, but for some reason, it did not get used…..not sure why. The good thing is, this gives me the chance to expand my information about this great contest. This was the second year for this event, and my team, Hogs Gone Wild BBQ have competed in this event for both years, with similar results. Both years now we have finished 6th overall, I’ll take that any day!!! Please enjoy some information about this fun event, and consider putting it on your calendar for next year.


Hot. That one word meant many different things at this years Central Florida BBQ Blowout, in Oviedo, FL. The weather was hot, but there was the smell of BBQ in the air and a cool beverage in everyone’s hand, so it was all good. For two years now, The Oviedo/Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce has hosted the BBQ Blowout on Memorial Day weekend. The event was presented by Sonny’s BBQ in order to raise funds that go, in part to, Helpful Hands of Seminole County http://helpfulhandsseminole.com/ . BBQ helping in the community, now that’ hot!!!

oviedo 2014 15
The level of competition teams that showed up for the BBQ Blowout was hot, top teams made the drive from all across Florida to get part of the prize money, and some of the coolest trophies I have see in a long time, thanks to Pirate 50 & Crazy Jugs pottery. Angela Iverson was the organizer for the second year now, and I really enjoyed last years event, but this year blew it out of the water. Everything was well organized, teams knew were they had to go to set up, power & water was there waiting for them, and was in great supply all weekend. Of course there were a couple challenges that come up during an event, but they were handled by a very professional team, that I am sure Angela is very proud of. All teams that I spoke with were very happy with the event, and indicated they would be back next year. I know we will be there, hopefully minus a couple teammates that joined us in Oviedo this past year. Funny story….I was at the event, in my trailer doing some meat prep, at around 8:00pm on Friday of the event, I heard some noise, like a cat meowing, but lots of folks had music going, and just thought it was some crazy music they listen to now a days, so I did not this much of it. Then my wife, Biggi opened the trailer door and said there was a cat under the bed of our truck, that was parked next to the trailer. I thought she was crazy, what the heck would a cat be doing under our truck???


Two scared kittens hiding from the crowds.

Well she was right, there were two kittens, taking refuge in the well of my spare tire, under my truck bed. Come to find out, they have been there since we left home!!! They rode to the competition under our truck, a good thirty five mile trip. We tried everything to get these little guys out. Friends came over to try and give a helping hand to lure the little guys out, but with no luck, they were not budging. We even tried to lower the spare, and of course that was not working for us, we tried food to lure them out, they would eat, and quickly go back into their hiding spot. We tried pushing them with sticks, they would possision themselves so we could not reach them, we even shot them with water from the hose, and I think they just pulled out a bar of soap, and made a sower out of it, they were not moving from that spot!!!

Tommy Harden, doing his best to get the kittens out.

The kittens were getting to be a popular attraction.

So the kittens stayed the night under the truck, till after turn-ins on Saturday, then we had a huge group of folks come by to help us get the kittens out. A few young, limber boys got up under the truck ans scared the kittens out, one kitten ran off, and was never seen again (unfortunate) the other was caught, and given to a nice lady, who adopted the kitten & took it home. So a good ending to the kitten story!!!

Kitten on its way to his new home.

72 of the hottest Pro & Backyard teams pulled in on Friday May 23rd, and battled it out through awards on the 24th. Winner gets an entry to the American Royal, a draw for the Jack Daniels BBQ Championship & a Golden Ticket to the World Food Championship in Vegas.

Unknown BBQ GC!!! RH!!!

It was Unknown who would walk away with the GC….that’s right Team Unknown BBQ took the GC for the second year in a row!!! Unknown BBQ are truly on a hot streak, and have in the top 5 in four of their last competitions.

GIT-R-SMOKED, enough said!!!

Git-R-Smoked is running hot themselves, Terry McKay not only printed up some really great banners for this event, but also took home the RGC for the BBQ Blowout. Great job by both teams, congratulations.

We had a good time, like I said, we got sixth overall, for the second year in a row, with 2nd in pork & 5th in ribs.

Excuse the dirty shirts!!!

2nd in pork!!!

Some very unique trophies by  Crazy Jugs, great banners by Terry McKay, & first place trophies were original designed and made by Dale Wilson.





The weather and the BBQ were not the only things that were hot, 70 other teams were hot on the heels of our GC & RGC teams, everyone that competed did a great job, enduring the heat, and putting out some of the best darn BBQ in the country, so everyone should be proud of their accomplishments. A special congrats to all the teams that walked.


Rank Team Total Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket
1 Team Unknown BBQ 779.24996 190.1333 197.8667 195.7667 195.4833
2 Git-R-Smoked 775.88329 190.5667 195.7667 197.1667 192.3833
3 Shanty Town 775.18329 191.0333 197.1667 193.6333 193.3500
4 Big Kahuna BBQ 771.01664 193.6333 192.2333 195.7500 189.4000
5 Swamp Boys 769.96666 197.8833 190.0833 192.6667 189.3334
6 Hogs Gone Wild BBQ 768.53333 189.8333 193.6500 195.7667 189.2833
7 Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 768.28333 186.9833 197.1667 190.3000 193.8333
8 Jams BBQ 765.83332 190.2333 191.2500 192.1833 192.1667
9 Blitzkrieg BBQ 765.20000 195.0333 189.7500 190.5500 189.8667
10 Blazin 7′s 764.29999 194.5500 190.5167 186.3167 192.9167
11 Bubba’s Scrub Oak BBQ 761.71665 192.2500 182.0333 191.2333 196.2000
12 Sweet Smoke Q 760.31667 193.6667 188.6167 187.2500 190.7833
13 Good Buddies 758.91663 188.9000 192.6833 192.9500 184.3833
14 Chow’n Down The Q 757.51665 186.2833 183.1333 192.6333 195.4667
15 Gator Grates 755.63334 188.3833 187.7000 190.7667 188.7833
16 Big Rack BBQ 751.98332 186.5167 193.6000 188.6833 183.1833
17 Smokin J’s Florida 751.33334 186.9500 188.0333 192.6833 183.6667
18 Frog Dog BBQ 747.86665 179.4167 187.8833 190.0667 190.5000
19 Awesome Q 747.73334 188.8833 191.2333 185.8167 181.8000
20 Divine Swine BBQ Team 747.43335 186.9167 182.4833 190.1000 187.9333
21 Dadgum Good BBQ 746.76665 188.8333 189.3833 192.0167 176.5333
22 J&J Bar-B-Que 746.28333 190.8167 184.9000 186.0667 184.5000
23 Staggering Swine and Bovine 745.20001 194.3000 187.6833 181.0333 182.1833
24 Palm Beach Porkers 744.86667 188.3667 181.8333 185.5667 189.1000
25 Wink’s Barbeque 743.81666 181.6333 191.4500 183.9667 186.7667
26 Smokelife BBQ 737.48334 192.2167 188.1167 192.2000 164.9500
27 No Name BBQ 737.15000 183.6833 183.7000 184.8833 184.8833
28 World’s Smokin’ Que 736.88334 173.7000 186.0000 190.4833 186.7000
29 Uncle Wendy’s BBQ 734.65000 182.2167 188.1833 179.8500 184.4000
30 Grillin’ Gaines 730.90000 181.0833 187.8833 186.2000 175.7333
31 Burning Bush BBQ 729.79997 182.7667 184.9833 179.5667 182.4833
32 Boog-A-Lous Smoke Crew 728.61668 178.2500 188.8667 184.1333 177.3667
33 Leroy’s Big Bad BBQ 726.26666 190.3500 187.2500 176.5833 172.0833
34 No Secrets Bar-B-Que 725.05001 179.8167 172.7000 184.6000 187.9333
35 Pull’n My Pork BBQ 724.05000 171.9000 178.1333 183.9500 190.0667
36 Two Crackers Cooking 722.13332 181.0167 178.1833 184.1667 178.7667
37 Lazy Boys BBQ 722.01666 175.5500 178.1667 184.3833 183.9167
38 The Dixie Boys 718.56668 173.1000 184.7500 184.1833 176.5333
39 StrawBoss BBQ 718.01666 182.9167 177.5833 180.5000 177.0167
40 Smokin’ Chaos 716.45003 175.2167 179.5500 190.4667 171.2167
41 Lucky Dawgs BBQ 715.51665 178.9333 182.0333 179.1667 175.3833
42 Wackadoo’s Grub and Brew 715.15001 183.8667 187.2167 172.9333 171.1333
43 STUMP’d BBQ 703.73330 189.8333 170.9167 170.2833 172.7000
44 Pig In or Pig Out Cooking Team 700.30002 179.1000 175.0833 170.9667 175.1500
45 Smoke Tales BBQ 698.88333 174.1667 179.4500 176.7667 168.5000
46 Tennessee Tom’s BBQ 698.18333 179.4833 174.3167 176.7833 167.6000
47 Shamrocking BBQ 695.44999 178.0167 173.9167 178.8833 164.6333
48 Six Guns and Lou BBQ 695.13332 159.5667 180.8667 186.5167 168.1833
49 Country Fire BBQ 694.96668 171.9333 173.9500 176.0167 173.0667
50 Holy Smokers 691.73333 155.0667 178.8667 184.5500 173.2500
51 Blake’s Best Barbecue 672.95001 172.6167 169.3500 174.9667 156.0167
52 Swim N Fun 668.59999 156.9000 182.6000 160.0667 169.0333
53 Bull Rush BBQ 583.03331 0.0000 190.1000 194.3333 198.6000
54 Sonny’s Competition Team 559.08333 0.0000 183.5667 189.5333 185.9833
55 Some-R Swine 547.59999 0.0000 182.1833 180.3667 185.0500
56 Pigture Perfect BBQ 542.85002 0.0000 190.7667 177.6333 174.4500
57 Bear Lake Boys BBQ 540.93333 0.0000 181.7833 187.1500 172.0000
58 The Smoked Meat Militia 340.56668 0.0000 0.0000 179.4000 161.1667

Rank Team Score
1 Swamp Boys 197.88332
2 Blitzkrieg BBQ 195.03333
3 Blazin 7′s 194.54999
4 Staggering Swine and Bovine 194.30000
5 Sweet Smoke Q 193.66666
6 Big Kahuna BBQ 193.63332
7 Bubba’s Scrub Oak BBQ 192.25000
8 Smokelife BBQ 192.21666
9 Shanty Town 191.03332
10 J&J Bar-B-Que 190.81666

Rank Team Score
1 Team Unknown BBQ 197.86665
2 [TIE] Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 197.16666
2 [TIE] Shanty Town 197.16666
4 Git-R-Smoked 195.76665
5 Hogs Gone Wild BBQ 193.65000
6 Big Rack BBQ 193.59999
7 Good Buddies 192.68332
8 Big Kahuna BBQ 192.23333
9 Wink’s Barbeque 191.45001
10 Jams BBQ 191.24999

Rank Team Score
1 Git-R-Smoked 197.16666
2 Hogs Gone Wild BBQ 195.76666
3 Team Unknown BBQ 195.76665
4 Big Kahuna BBQ 195.74999
5 Bull Rush BBQ 194.33333
6 Shanty Town 193.63332
7 Good Buddies 192.94999
8 Smokin J’s Florida 192.68334
9 Swamp Boys 192.66666
10 Chow’n Down The Q 192.63333

Rank Team Score
1 Bull Rush BBQ 198.59998
2 Bubba’s Scrub Oak BBQ 196.19999
3 Team Unknown BBQ 195.48333
4 Chow’n Down The Q 195.46665
5 Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 193.83334
6 Shanty Town 193.34999
7 Blazin 7′s 192.91667
8 Git-R-Smoked 192.38332
9 Jams BBQ 192.16667
10 Sweet Smoke Q 190.78334
Backyard Division

Grand Champion: Smokin’ Tomahawgs BBQ

Reserve: Southern Smoke
Rank Team Total Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket
1 Smokin’ Tomahawgs BBQ 751.46669 187.9000 187.6167 187.1500 188.8000
2 Southern Smoke 740.90001 188.0500 183.1000 188.0833 181.6667
3 Pit Pass BBQ Team 734.88336 184.5667 187.9667 193.7000 168.6500
4 Papa Joe’s BBQ 730.88333 187.7000 183.6333 183.4167 176.1333
5 K Squared BBQ 724.98334 178.4333 187.9167 180.4667 178.1667
6 Mainely Smoke 715.30000 175.5833 182.5333 174.3167 182.8667
7 Bark Like a Hog BBQ 713.75001 175.6833 172.6167 177.2667 188.1833
8 Double T’s Backyard BBQ 704.93334 180.9500 176.6500 174.9333 172.4000
9 Swine Time BBQ 698.98335 167.4667 179.9000 181.5667 170.0500
10 Parrothead Porkers 686.01665 181.2667 168.5667 175.1500 161.0333
11 Crooked Lake Smokehouse 680.31667 176.1833 152.4000 169.5667 182.1667
12 Biggins Backyard BBQ 678.66668 172.8667 169.7667 172.0833 163.9500
13 The Big Rack Experience 677.41667 174.9333 161.5500 165.9000 175.0333
14 The Smokin’ Butt BBQ Company 675.08334 175.2500 170.4833 160.1667 169.1833

How to Grill Burgers; Part 2


Here is the 2nd video of the 4 part series on how to grill burgers. Please remember these were done a few years ago, by our good friend JM, and a few things have changed since then. The sponsors have shut down, and I don’t think I have worn a bandana since……..

Please enjoy, and look for parts 3 & 4 real soon. Thanks!!!


Grilling Burgers; Video 1 of 4


With 4th of July coming up, I thought I would share these videos again. How to Grill Burgers. This is video 1 of 4 that I made with JM Martinez, a few years back. We had a really good time making and putting together these informative clips. I haven’t heard much from JM these past couple years, I hope he is well, but I’m sure he is still grilling.

Like I said, this was a few years back when we made this video, and a few things have changed, including my beard (Thanks Goodness for that!!!). Pay no mind to sponsors, they are out-of-business. I was so new on the BBQ scene, I did not even have a HGW shirt to wear for the shoot. I remember it was a very hot summer day in Florida, just like today. I tried a few new things in this video, and I remember, both burgers were out of sight good!!! Enjoy, and I will be posting the other videos soon.




I could have been at a BBQ!!!


The snow is starting to melt, and BBQ is starting to heat up. 2014 has seen its share of winter, and teams are ready to thaw out those BBQ cookers and hit the trail once again. We here in Florida have been competing since the first weekend in January, and it looks like it will not be slowing down till mid-June. I have seen folks in the northern states, chomping at the bit, ready to get there competition BBQ fix on, but still having to wait till Mother Nature sends a little warmth north. All saying the same thing……….Let’s hear it Will Smith.

I would consider myself and my team as being, relative new comers to competition BBQ. HGW has only been out for about 3 years now, 2 years pro, but in my opinion, competition BBQ has grown in the past 3 years. The competition calendar is filling up, and teams have a couple competitions each month to choose from. Not only are the competitions on the rise, but there are many many new teams coming out to compete. That is a great thing for the sport of BBQ. Speaking of the sport of BBQ, Darryl Mast has some great shows out on teams and following BBQ as a sport. You can check out Darryl on facebook, or he has tons of information on YouTube. Darryl has videos that can really help out some new teams, as well as teams that have been around.

I think folks like Darryl, and all who are involved with sharing BBQ thoughts, and procedures on-line, via social media, YouTube or on the many BBQ blog talk shows that have popped up lately. I have my favorites, but there are many great ones to listen, and they have tons of information. So, if you haven’t listened, or if you are not able to catch the show live, there is always a playback available. Make sure to take advantage of this source of BBQ information.

This weekend was a big weekend for competitions, it looked like a lot of teams kicked off their 2014 season this weekend. We were not able to compete this weekend, so we did the next best thing, went out and supported the teams. We also stopped in spent some time with our new sponsor, Just Grillin, in Tampa, FL. Doug Driscoll and his team at Just Grillin do a great job, and have an awesome store. We are looking forward to introducing some of Just Grillin’s products to other teams on the circuit. There are a lot of exciting things in the works for Just Grillin, please stay tune for what Just Grillin can do for you and your team, or visit them on line at: www.justgrillinflorida.com

11743 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, Florida 33618

Visit Just Grillin at: 11743 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, Florida 33618

It looks like there will be some time for practice cooks for HGW. We have a couple months before our next comp., and that will give us some time to revamp a couple of things, especially our ribs. I have some serious work to do on our ribs. So the next couple months, I’m hoping to get our ribs back on track.



Good smokin’ luck to everyone hitting the competition trail. Safe travels to all.

Let’s Talk Hog!!! 2013 in review


It was a good year for my blog, I enjoyed writing each blog and sharing results with all the Competition BBQ enthusiasts out there. Wishing everyone a great Year in 2014, and hope to continue growing this blog. Thanks for everyone’s support.


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed by 9,900 unique individuals and in 73 different countries around the world, in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it. Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout – Oviedo, FL – RESULTS:. was the most viewed in one day at 231 visits.

Click here to see the complete report.